Remanufactured Cartridges

Understanding Remanufactured Cartridges

Unlike in years past when the process to remanufacture a print cartridge was to simply use a syringe to squirt ink into the print cartridge, today’s process/technology has come a long way.  While there still are those who use the syringe approach (you can even buy these type of kits at your local retail stores) we at A Greener Refill have invested in cutting edge technology to enable a legitimate, high quality option to the expensive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) print cartridges.

Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges

To ensure the highest quality cartridges A Greener Refill uses state of the art equipment, which couples computer controlled, automated functions with our stringent remanufacturing process.

Inspection & Testing – We visually inspect each cartridge and perform extensive electrical testing on each nozzle circuit and thermal (TSR) sensors to ensure full functionality. Any cartridge, which does not pass our strict quality controls, is permanently removed from the remanufacturing process and sent to be recycled.

Centrifuge – To completely drain any residual ink (which if left in would cause contamination issues and potential overflow with the new ink) each cartridge goes through our high-speed centrifuge system (literally spins out all the old ink). This exclusive centrifuge spins at speeds of up to 3000 rpm and incorporates slow ramp up/ramp down speeds to prevent foam creep.

Cleaning – Each cartridge is individually processed through our specialized atomization process (mixture of water and air), which releases a pressurized spray consisting of tiny 20-micron droplets. These droplets are small enough to penetrate into each tiny print nozzle effectively rejuvenating inkjet cartridge print heads and unplugging any clogged nozzles. This process returns the cartridges to premium print performance conditions.

Premium Quality Ink – Extensive testing has been done (and continues) to ensure the inks we use deliver high quality black and color print performance, which is exceptional for all documents, presentation materials and photos. To help ensure consistency and high quality, all the ink we use is manufactured in the U.S.

Precision Filling – A computer controlled, unique deep vacuum chamber is used to precisely fill each cartridge, eliminating any air bubbles (a common cause for premature failure of ink cartridges). To ensure accuracy, each cartridge is weighed (both when empty and filled) before being approved for final testing.

Final Testing – Each cartridge is put through one final test to ensure they meet A Greener Refill’s high quality standards. The electronics are tested one final time. In addition, an extensive print test is performed, checking that each individual print nozzle is in working order (including ladders and gray steps).

Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges

To ensure the highest quality cartridges A Greener Refill uses state of the art equipment, which couples computer controlled, automated functions with our stringent remanufacturing process.

Cartridge Inspection – Cartridges being considered for the remanufacturing process are received from the Quality Assurance Audit, and broken down for inspection and replacement of parts that are no longer in pristine condition. Aesthetic cracks; breaks or ugly scratches in the body of cartridge immediately disqualify a cartridge from being remanufactured.

Initial Cleaning – The cartridge is then air cleaned using a patent process that ensures all toner is removed from the cartridge. This step ensures toner from the cartridge does not mix with the new toner.

Cartridge Reassembly – The cartridge is inspected as it is being reassembled, with all moving parts lubricated or adjusted as needed for premium print quality. A new, long-life cartridge is inserted, regardless of its current condition.

Recharging – The cartridge is then refilled with high quality toner that delivers premium print quality and is highly compatible with the cartridge style.

Label Application – Clean the outer cartridge thoroughly with a lint free towel and apply all outer labels needed for identification, and attach the date code using the coding gun.

Print Performance & Testing – Every cartridge produced is 100% post-tested for quality. Page yield and shelf-life stability are evaluated during the development process and implemented at this step in the process. Multiples pages are tested during quality audits, and is compared to the test target levels of the cartridge. Any deviation results in the QA rejection of the cartridge.

Packaging & Distribution – The QA Team focuses on specifications created by Engineering Research and Development to ensure the proper packaging and care is achieved during the distribution of the product. All toner cartridges have specific configurations created to maintain the most efficient shipping methods and storage needs to ensure the cartridge is at its prime when needed by an end-user.

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