About Us

A Greener Refill is a privately held company, created after the company’s founder, Dan Fogel, left one of the largest printer manufacturers after 12 years of service. Dan struggled with the overall corporate OEM strategy and decided to start a new business where the emphasis would be on making a difference to both the consumer’s pocket and the planet.

A Greener Refill was founded on the premise of ‘Reuse’, the most significant form of recycling. Why take a product which is simply empty and throw it away? Would you get rid of your car every time its gas tank was empty? Obviously not. So why throw away your ink and toner cartridges just because they are empty?


With A Greener Refill’s strict remanufacturing process, our 100% Guarantee and the eco-friendly benefits, there is every reason to buy our cartridges.

Save some money. Do your part in preserving our earth. Buy from A Greener Refill – the eco-friendly approach to printing!

A Focus on Superior Customer Service

Understanding that A Greener Refill’s success is based on a customer’s ongoing satisfaction, we openly request to hear any and all feedback and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are many websites to choose from and most focus on being cheap. A Greener Refill is focused on a high quality product at a reasonable price, all the while walking the talk of an eco-friendly option to the OEMs.

High Quality Makes a Difference

Don’t be fooled by our name.  All of our cartridges, unlike the refills you get at some of the local stores, are professionally remanufactured (which means the cartrdiges are completely taken apart, cleaned from the inside, and components replaced as appropriate). We follow a strict remanufacturing process! And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Since our focus is on high quality, we do not sell ink refill kits. While this is the cheapest route to refilling cartridges, there are simply too many issues associated with refilling kits (i.e. dried ink and air bubbles within the cartridge results in poor print quality, overfilling can cause cross contamination of the different colored ink within the cartridge and can actually result in lower page yield). Our approach eliminates these types of issues by following an ISO 9001/16001 certified remanufacturing process.

We also sell a very limited selection of new OEM cartridges as this would not be consistent with our “reuse” philosophy. While this may limit multiple profit avenues, A Greener Refill stands true to its principles and its effort on reducing the impact of printing on the environment.

Why A Greener Refill?

With A Greener Refill’s strict remanufacturing process, our 100% Guarantee and the eco-friendly benefits, there is every reason to buy our cartridges.

We walk the talk:

  • We offer cost savings on bulk orders.
  • We donate proceeds to plant trees.
  • We utilize recycled materials wherever feasible, including our printed materials, for our boxing, packaging and shipping supplies.
  • We stress the importance of conscientious printing, despite how strange it may sound coming from a company which makes money off of selling ink.

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